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If the Smart QR code including the random value of cryptocurrency is merged with O2O advertisement, various Airdrops including non-electric mining can be realized through Ad Scan. At the same time, if the User Data (DB) and Transaction Data of Ad Scan are matched and stored in the Blockchain, these can be used for cryptocurrency advertising marketing through the analysis of Big Data.

Despite the usefulness of the method, the PoW computer mining has lost the main advantage of the cryptocurrency by causing a huge electric energy waste and global warming problem, and the Airdrop which is distributed freely to the unspecified people is losing the fundamental purpose of activating the ecosystem. In addition, most of the cryptocurrency is inadequate or unsuccessful in building marketing platform that is friendly to the reality due to the intolerance of intricate technology.

We propose TouchCon Platform Project that can combine Smart QR code (SQC) and O2O market to solve problems of PoW mining and Airdrop, and utilize TOC Big Data for advertising marketing.

This platform can support mining and Airdrop of all cryptocurrencies by integrating Smart QR Code and O2O market advertisement. It is a system that builds a database by matching user data and transaction data of Ad Scan and stores it in the Blockchain. By storing the value of the cryptocurrency in the Smart QR code at random, unspecified users can participate in the mining and Airdrop through the scan. At this time, the transaction information extracted by the scan proof is stored in the Blockchain with the user information, and is analyzed as big data and utilized in various advertisement marketing.

The PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm has a merit that is essential for repetition of simple tasks to solve hash puzzles. The system works with most cryptocurrency mining methods, but fails to overcome the inherent weaknesses associated with excessive electrical energy use. This method, which works on “the winner takes all” principle, such as wasting enormous electrical energy and threatening global warming, is revealing a number of flaws in achieving the goal of protecting the earth’s environment. As a result, it has become the main culprit of global warming over time, and its fate of living a deadly life has never been avoided.

The Airdrop attempted to revitalize the ecosystem was sufficient to give vitality and excitement to the early ecosystem, but gradually it became exclusively blurred due to the excessive distribution. There is no way to restore fairness and credibility of Airdrop due to the freedom, which is attributed to the dysfunction of decentralization, which leads to a more robust lack of trust.

Cryptocurrency has made technological advances, starting with Bitcoin, which is called Genesis, to Ethereum, a source of smart contracts, but it is becoming increasingly misused as a scam because it is embellished with technical terms that are difficult for the general public to understand. As a result, cryptocurrency and the real world are increasingly separated, and the sense of solidarity with the public is becoming more distant.

What is needed now is to realize a variety of random mining and Airdrop to stabilize the ecosystem, realizing the TouchCon platform that fuses Smart QR Code which can match user data with Ad Scan data, analyze it as big data, and use it in the real advertising marketing.

Using SQC, which stores the random value of cryptocurrency in the advertising objects in the O2O market, the general public can participate in exciting and interesting mining and Airdrops, and by using SQC as a catalyst to connect with the real world, it can be possible to faithfully carry out the fundamental purpose of ecosystem activation.

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