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Agriculture is an essential industry in the global economy, countries around the world engage in agriculture and they trade agro produce among themselves. The People’s Republic of China export cotton, Tea, Rice, Soybeans and more, China is the largest cotton spinner in the world and the textile industry is also the biggest globally in terms of overall production and exports. China ranks rst in worldwide farm output employing over 300 million farmers.

The agricultural industry worth trillions of dollars with billions of farmers around the world, the industry is indeed a very large industry. The people’s Republic Of Chain as a case study export over 2trillion u.s dollars worth of agro produce annually.

The People’s Republic Of Chain in the year 2000 experienced a fall back of which its main aquifers led to an overall decrease in grain production, turning China into a net importer. The trend of Chinese dependence on imported food is expected to accelerate as the water shortage worsens. However, despite their potential, desalination plants nd few customers because it is still cheaper to over-utilize rivers, lakes and aquifers, even as these are depleted.

As of 2011, China was both the world’s largest producer and consumer of agricultural products. China has increased the budget for agriculture by 20% in 2009, and continues to support energy eciency measures, renewable technology, and other eorts with investments, such as the over 30% green component of the $586bn scal stimulus package announced in November 2008.

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