SpectrumCash Whitepaper

The need for digital cash coming to mass adoption, SpectrumCash allows you to store, send, and spend a highly liquid digital currency worldwide.

SpectrumCash Features
SpectrumCash is an exciting new crypto with multitple features such as Proof of Stake, Masternodes, and Stealth Address capabilities.

XSwap Capabilities
SpectrumCash community is glad to announce the delivery of the XSwap platform. This is the first Hot/XSwap on Telegram between Deal/Dime/BTC/LTC/Linc/Linda/

Multi-currency Platform
You can hold your favorite coins in your Telegram XWallet and use them on your mobile device or home computer. Now you can send coins to friends or pay for services on the go at the tip of your fingers.

Proof Of Stake (PoS)
Proof of Stake is an energy efficient alternative to mining that’s been getting a lot of attention due to rising energy and hardware costs. Now you can get rewards without complex and expensive mining rigs.

Stealth Transactions
SpectrumCash supports Stealth transactions for funds to be kept in a private secure wallet and sent anonymously worldwide.

Lightning Fast Transactions
SpectrumCash masternodes allow for instantaneous transactions to take place. Speed is an important factor when determining if a crypto currency is suitable for mass adoption.

SpectrumCash masternode system reveals the protocol is doing more than just governance features; it has given those who operate a node a substantial annual return of investment.

SpectrumCash Website