Hyperion Whitepaper

In several dimensions, the current centralized map system of the world is flawed and is ripe for disruption.
Blockchain technology – with its ability to facilitate global collaboration in an open and secure manner – has
huge potential to disrupt the status quo by underpinning the birth of a new, open, decentralized map economy
that will appeal to the mass market.

We have pioneered a new open map architecture, the Hyperion ecosystem, based on the our widely adopted
open map technology and latest advancements of Blockchain technology. This ecosystem is designed to
reward everyone with a share in the wealth they create and will ensure privacy is protected whilst hosting a
new generation of decentralized applications requiring quality map services.

This paper outlines our vision for the birth of this new transformative ecosystem capable of addressing the
needs of 10 billion users and 100 billion devices. This will lead to a much more egalitarian, prosperous society
where everyone will get a share in the wealth they create.

The Power of Place
“Mobility is the fundamental essence of intelligence…[ ]. If you want to move, you must memorize and generalize.”
~ Dr Qi Lu, ex Baidu COO, CES 2017 Keynote

To better understand the significance of the Hyperion ecosystem, one must first comprehend the significance
of location data. Did you know that 80% of all business data has a location component to it ? This is not 1
surprising given that maps constitute the building block of mobility, providing the memory block that underpin
mobility for people, IoT devices and robots.

Some of the far-reaching impact of location data are summarized below:
1. Location data is a fundamental element for enriching business data sets with no obvious links and helps
visualize business data in familiar ways, providing more in-depth analytics. This enables companies to
make smarter and more informed business decisions.
2. Location data fuels innovation. In services that are particularly location-aware, such as Uber and Waze,
accurate location and routing are fundamental to the value they provide to users.
3. Location data and analytics has helped advance the advertising technology and marketing space. This
aids with better customer profiling and therefore targeting, and extends beyond just location-based mobile

With smartphone penetration rates on the rise, proliferation of location infrastructure, as well as the IoT tipped
to go mainstream within a few years, location data will only continue to be a growing component underpinning
all business data. To put that into perspective, the global market of location analytics worths 16.34 Billion USD
by 2021 alone not including the use of map services. 2

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Hyperion Whitepaper