Gamblica Whitepaper

is a mix of cutting edge technology, decades of experience, and strategically thinking management team.

Our main goal is not just creating a good casino, but creating a safe environment for every customer, where they can enjoy their favourite games.

Users Come First
We are user-oriented to the core. We won’t market our platform for B2B, we won’t give our beautiful clockwork tech to some dodgy hack of a casino operator. A fun fact: most startups that do so fail in the most spectacular manner. Just to reiterate – we won’t. We do care about our players.

Unlike similar projects, Gamblica is led by a team of managers with extensive experience in the field of gambling – no, losing a pile of cash at a casino does not count as such. Our main goal is to prove that gambling can be much more enjoyable and safe than it is now.

Fast and cheap transactions. Globalization (fast and easy international payments, easier global expansion). The use of a decentralized system eliminates the risk of fraud on the part of the online gaming platform.

Each time one plays at an online casino, there’s that lingering murky feeling called “My Slot Machine Is Rigged”. And often it really is the case.

Our developers put in countless hours of work to eliminate that. Gamblica’s Random Number Generation algorithm gives any player the means to verify every game’s outcome. Provided that player has a degree in Mathematical Statistics and Cryptography to make sense of it all, that is.

Under the Hood
As it often happens, the coolest thing about Gamblica is buried deep in smart contracts and arcane cryptographic theories. No one, literally not one person, can compromise the game’s outcome.

Our Random Number Generator — all capitals, of course — requires several parameters to generate a random number. Each of those parameters is independent from others; some are generated by Ethereum blockchain.

When they all come together in our dearly beloved RSA PRNG algorithm — we should probably come up with a cooler name for this one — your game’s security becomes virtually impenetrable.

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* Gamblica Platform is currently in alpha. All of the declared features will be available in full version of the product.
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