Soverain Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency as a payment system has become popular all over the world thanks to decentralized information storage and use of cryptographic algorithms to ensure database integrity. The increased popularity of cryptocurrency has led to the emergence of new additional services.

Cryptocurrency online wallets are one of these services. They are widely applied due to their ease of use with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, reliability and safety.

The right choice of digital currency storage method is a very important and crucial step. With the rapid growth of blockchain technologies and, as a result, related services, a modern cryptocurrency wallet is not enough to be safe and reliable. It must be convenient, multifunctional and undoubtedly multi-currency to meet the needs of today’s user.

The SOVERAIN team offers you such a multi-currency wallet that you can start using right now.

Besides simplicity and ease of use, the SOVERAIN multi-currency wallet includes several services: multifunctional SOVERAIN Discord bot, private p2p exchange, an advertising platform for cryptocurrency market, a masternode monitoring service, and also a decentralized exchange. Also, the wallet has the functions of running a masternode and pos-mining, which allow users to receive regular additional income.

Not only a professional, but also a beginner can understand a simple and user-friendly interface.

The SOVERAIN multi-currency wallet fully meets all the needs of the market and is the best solution for today’s user. Find it out right now!

Soverain Whitepaper

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Soverain Whitepaper