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GAPS Platform is a Co-Factory to propose a new paradigm of game development. GAPS Platform that allows anyone to develop games without initial capital intends to create virtuous circulation of game development using Private Chain based on Ethereum, one of the blockchain platforms.

We wish that good environments can be provided for everyone to easily develop and enjoy games without intervention of mediators by remarkably reducing game development and distribution steps that hinder development of existing game industry.

GAPS Platform provides faster block generation speed than existing PoW (Proof of Work) consensus algorithm by applying Private Chain out of Ethereum-based local chains to adopt DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) type of consensus algorithm, and maximizes user convenience such as no transaction charge posed to the users.

The existing Game Development Platforms are such a system that does not focus on the users but the suppliers. In general, game development is progressed by popular game publishers under contracts with excellent developers, of which publication rights are possessed by the publishers to carry out marketing and distribution by proxy. However, intervention of this mediator makes excellent developers to request excessive cost. In other words, a lot of games have been discarded without completion due to needs of the developers who want to develop games with low cost. Accordingly, intervention of mediators at distribution step act as a factor to make value chain of game development not reach to the last step but be stopped at panning step

In a system that popular game publishers seek for excellent developers and make contracts, sovereignty of game development is under the suppliers. As recently various patters of online game publishers to solve this problem have been activated, ‘Self-Publisher’ is a main pattern to carry out from game planning through development and service operation to marketing by the game developers in their capabilities. However, in the case, there is no less time and efforts invested into the entire online publishing value chain, so the project is sometimes aborted when it is determined that the game development has low probability of success or no profit versus costs is ensured.

GAPS Platform makes compensation with GAP token to ensure voluntary participation of participants and virtuous circulation of ecosystem. It has prepared a complementary structure of ‘Mining and Compensation so that the more game users play games, the more they get incentives. For example, whenever game users play games, game developers are able to receive game royalty and profit shares from the GAPS Platform. In addition to the games, it supports compensation of item transactions. Besides, game developers may purchase copyrights of desired games with GAP token together with compensation from the GAPS Platform.

GAPS Platform has prepared various business models to maintain value of GAP token constantly. Mining and compensation, game industry SDK, game copyright transaction, transaction, etc. will be priming water to have positive effect on retaining value of the GAP token . GAPS Platform will realize sustainable value retention of GAP token through GAPS solution, Ethereum blockchain interface, core GAPS Platform technologies and infrastructures.

Gaps Chain Whitepaper

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Gaps Chain Whitepaper