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Social development goes hand in hand with that of human civilisation which is increasingly evolving towards trust and cooperation. Thanks to rapid development of computer technology, rules in many fields have been data-centric and digitalised, become more and more clear and easily duplicated, which increases social effectiveness.

The ecological impact and data credibility driven by Blockchain technology enhances trust and coordination to a higher standard and also aligns with social expectation towards trust and coordination.

The BonusCloud team aims to develop a decentralized, trustworthy global platform infrastructure combining Blockchain and cloud computing technology, which is the foundation for an open-ended shared ecosystem the BonusCloud team endeavors to build. Through connecting and utilizing each kind of resources with computing capability and converting them into digital assets value, the resulting DApp empowers entrepreneurs who intend to utilize Blockchain applications.

Through developing a global trading platform for the computing power, the BonusCloud Platform could effectively connect such global computing resources as present cloud computing platforms, enterprise data centers, personal computers and individual CPU/GPU/bandwidth. With millions of resource contributors, platform users and developers, The BonusCloud Platform can also provide trustworthy cloud computing platform services with ultra-low price, ultra-wide range and ultra-strong computing power, which reshapes business model and resources distribution structure of traditional centralized cloud computing. As a computing power resources platform, the BonusCloud Platform is featured with distributed, low-latency and intelligent, enjoying bright prospect in such industries as network access, data storage, digital currency mining, 3D rendering, live video stream decoding, AI learning and IoT protection, AR and VR. The BonusCloud Platform is closer to the device end, not only contributes to collection of data at the cloud end, but also has the upper hand in real-time data analysis in short cycle and intelligent processing, so as to better support timely processing and execution of local business and generate a more efficient and safe computing service. On the basis of this brand-new distributed computing platform, the BonusCloud team could develop a DApp store, so as to create an application ecosystem that is based on distributed computing and peripheral computing, and to create substantial social and economic value.

Currently BonusCloud has completed 50% of coding for basic Blockchain service and completed small prototype verification of network test. Relevant functions will be released step by step. In parallel, BonusCloud began to develop computing resource framework combining container and Blockchain technology and prototype of resource scheduling.

BonusCloud White Paper

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BonusCloud Whitepaper