Shivers Whitepaper

Elevator Pitch
Shivers Media, LLC was created for the purpose of developing software which uses the
internet and blockchain technology to deliver horror films. Along with our distribution
platform, we are also using cryptocurrency to create a fund for creating a slate of unique
and exclusive horror films as a way to attract users to our platform.

The main points which we would like to convey include:
Our partnership with Infamous Horror.
Infamous Horror is a Facebook page with 1.7 Million Followers. The page is dedicated
to horror films.

Team and partner experience
Our team has produced over 50 films, including films which have starred celebrities
such as Val Kilmer, Rose McGowan, Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, David Hassellhoff
and others. We are avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been involved in all levels
of the cryptocurrency world, including mining, token development, trading, and
networking with like-minded individuals and communities.

Purpose of the token
Many cryptocurrency projects provide a token which can be used for trading on
exchanges, and not much more . We designed our token as a pass-key to our products,
providing a utility. Think of Shivers as Movie Tickets to watch our future films.

Long term effects of our token
Due to the nature of our token, as a pass-key, over time the supply of the token shall
decrease as they are used by consumers of our products. This provides our long term
holders with exclusive access to long-term content.

The Product
Shivers cryptocurrency is an ERC20 compatible token.
The Shivers Token is to be used as a key to unlock products developed by Shivers
Media LLC and other film distributors which may adopt the cryptocurrency. These
products include Horror Films, Digital Media, and Software. More detailed information
about the products we will create is discussed below in Section Two (2).
Due to the use of Shivers Tokens as passkeys to products, the supply of Shivers
Tokens shall decrease over time as their use on our products increases. We will provide
a built-in method for measuring the price variants for the Shivers Token to
accommodate for changes in prices as a way to assure our products are sold at
reasonable prices.

Shivers Media is active in the development and creation of a software distribution
platform for future products, and the production of a slate of horror films. To ensure the
adoption of our cryptocurrency and the long-term life of the company, the company
intends on creating as many products as possible.

The Blockchain Opportunity
“Blockchain” products have become popular over the past two years, creating a vast
and large financial market. The majority of these financial instruments and products
have two common attributes; anonymous transactions and an unregulated trading
environment. Few blockchain companies create products tied to their cryptocurrency.
We have set out to create a product, which utilizes the technology of “the blockchain” to
support independent films. The use of blockchain allows us to create and foster a
community, which is able to participate in the creation of high quality and niche films by
filmmakers that have loyal followings, but may have struggled with the studio system.
Using Shivers Tokens as opposed to regular cash for our products also allows us to
develop software and technology, which can support and enhance our consumers
experience with our product.

Shivers whitepaper

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Shivers Whitepaper