Herbalist Token Whitepaper

10 years ago, Bitcoin was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto and a team of
developers. Many people did not foresee that Bitcoin would revolutionize the
world as it did today. The idea behind Bitcoin was to eliminate the central
authorities such as banks with a new peer to peer electronic cash system. The
system was elegant and transparent, every transaction made in the system is
recorded in the blocks and anyone could track them down, besides, it was not
revealing anyone’s identity since the addresses were not coupled with any real
people. These features attracted more people in time and in the recent years
many blockchain systems have emerged. Nowadays, many experts state that
blockchain’s current situation is similar to World Wide Web’s first days.
4 years ago, talented people created Ethereum which united the contracts with
Blockchain and smart contracts were born. That became a gateway for
developers to create their own tokens and smart contracts. Today, a lot of
cryptocurrencies are using Ethereum platform and that proves Ethereum help
blockchains develop in a good way.

Even though the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent the future, they
need to touch people’s daily life. If they cannot manage that they will be traded
in cryptocurrency markets for a while and they people will forget them in a few
years. That is what Herbalist team desired, creating a real use case for
cryptocurrencies and help them revolutionize the world into a better place. In
this greenpaper, we will explain how Herbalist Token Project unite the power of
herbs with the latest technology.
Before diving into what Herbalist Token Project is, we will share some important
information about rare herbs.


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Herbalist Token Whitepaper / Green Paper