TENA Whitepaper

A blockchain-based payment protocol
Where rewards come with every transaction

A payment market created by users
Customers and merchants alike are rewarded with TENA tokens for using mobile payment apps under TENA Protocol.
Until now, payment platforms have been the sole party to receive the benefits as their users increase. TENA Protocol, on the contrary, shares these benefits with the participants.
Customers simply register a credit card and make QR code payments, the same way they would have on other mobile payment apps. In addition to credit, debit and cryptocurrency payments are supported as well.

An ecosystem based on voluntary participation
TENA develops the technology necessary for payment services to adopt the protocol and issues tokens through the market participants.
When customers and merchants participate in transactions, they receive TENA tokens as a reward.
The reward structure makes it possible for people to voluntarily participate in the ecosystem, allowing for large scale participation. This results in a virtuous cycle where as the number of participants increase, the value of the token increases as well.

Circulation structure
TENA becomes widespread through the repetition of inflows, circulation, and outflows from payment participants and token trades.
This circulation structure further raises the value of the TENA tokens owned by the participants.


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