Parachute Whitepaper

We’re making crypto fun, easy, and social.
With a token that fuels it all We’re pushing the next wave of adoption by simplifying how people send each other crypto. From using PAR as gas for withdrawals, to using PAR to generate a single QR code for all of your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Doge payments, the products we’re building allow endless possibilities for content creators, merchants, and individuals alike.

We’ve launched real-world, ass kicking products.
We started with ParJar Telegram, the viral social wallet that let’s people instantly send crypto in group chats for free. Our next wave of products will include a single wallet across multiple platforms and our very own app. We’re here to make crypto as easy as cash, whether it’s between your friends or your business.

And have the best community in crypto
We launched by giving away 25% of all the PAR in existence to people who got involved. As we grow, we’re giving out an additional 28% of our total supply to people who participate in our massive community programs.

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Parachute Whitepaper