Bitbook Gambling Whitepaper

While the online gambling and sportsbook market has grown in recent years, concer- ns about issues such as fraud and lack of transparency have remained. The advent of Blockchain technology has fundamentally changed this situation.

Due to the immutability of records on the blockchain, any user can verify and retrace past transactions. Many online casino operators have since developed and launched Blockchain-based online gambling platforms to provide players with these benefits.

However, a series of challenges still remain. Regardless of how active users are and how much money they spend on the platform, they are not rewarded for their loyal- ty. In turn, online casino operators continuously struggle to retain their users. Moreover, most online platforms offer either gambling or sportsbook functions, not offering players a single platform to both place bets on sports events and play casino games.

The Bitbook platform will solve precisely these challenges. Bitbook is a sportsbook and online casino platform that compensates users for their losses with up to 10% and offers them an unparalleled diversity of games and betting options.

Bitbook - Whitepaper

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Bitbook Gambling Whitepaper