MGC Token Whitepaper

Since the development of the blockchain, it has been the most promising and imaginative technological revolution in the world.The blockchain is a decentralized,de-trusted network that can achieve peer-to-peer value exchange, which is called the value Internet.

The decentralized concept of the blockchain is gradually overthrowing the traditional monetary concept, and it has exerted great influence in the world within a short time. More people accept the digital economy era brought by the blockchain. However, the circulation of value and the storage of digital assets in the current block chains have become a huge demand. As an innovative storage payment service platform, MGC Token will also become the leader in the era of encrypted digital economy. MGC Token is a global general digital asset storage platform. Users can use other encrypted digital assets for transactions.

MGC Token provides the users with a secure storage environment for encrypted digital assets, supports the encrypted currency management of various blockchain underlying technologies, and provides a more convenient payment experience. With the help of blockchain technology, the landing ecosystem will continue to create a service platform in the field of full revenue for customers. MGC Token will launch online ATS Smart Financing Service, and issue its own encrypted token on the MGC Token platform at the same time.

As a reward, MGC will encourage more users to promote the development of MGC Token, and make each participant to become a sponsor of this platform. MGC Token will be the driving shares for all the participants, MGC will act as a token for MGC token platform at the early stage, and can achieve online and offline payment of landing scenes, then later link merchants from all walks of life around the world to realize the value of token token. At the same time, MGC tokens are constantly increasing in value, and continue to bring real returns to the owners of MGC tokens. The future of encrypted currency is not only investment and trading, but also ultimately serving consumers in all walks of life. This is an unprecedented change. We believe that MGC Token will become an indispensable key presence in this link. MGC Token has already started to take action. We use blockchain to pioneer a combination of the hottest payment areas in the market and incorporate into the advantages of MGC tokens. MGC Token serves as an intermediary platform for providing the customers with the required consumer’s protection for online trade, and the 5 platform gathers traffic to provide millions of merchants with consumption group, we hope to further optimize the advantages of encrypted currency, such as fast transaction, low cost and cross-border transaction resistance, allowing the merchants to make transaction with the growing holders of encrypted currency from all over the world. Our goal is to create an integrated payment application interface (API) for the market and be able to become the leader in the encryption payment industry, the content as mentioned above make MGC Token turn into the future trend, it will not only launch a precedent of encryption payment industry, but also build a one-station service for user’s asset management.

However, our goal is much more than that. We believe that one of the key functions of encrypted currency in the digital age is to promote transactions and to be widely accepted as a non-friction and secure payment method. We believe that the current payment platform lacks the necessary functions to promote the application and use of the majority of merchants and consumers. Digital token is not only an asset of financial investment, the issuance of blockchain token can flexibly provide funds for product development team to create an innovative and practical platform. It will will be driven by the growth of goods and services, and it can maintain the operation depending on the revenue of fair expenses. In the current blockchain technology, the processing capacity of blockchain is mainly limited by the performance of consensus algorithm, and the performance of consensus algorithm is also limited by the scale of system nodes and the processing capacity of single node. Under the current technical level, it is very limited for the space of optimizing and upgrading the performance for single block chain, and there are performance limits, which seriously restricts the application of distributed ledger technology in large-scale, high concurrency, low latency transaction business scenarios. Taking BTC as an example, high transfer fees and extremely slow speed are major drawbacks. The slow transfer speed is unbearable, and the high handling fees make small transactions inexpensive and unfeasible. It can be predicted that with the rapid development of the digital economy, the frequency and scale of future transactions will far beyond the current level. The bottleneck of performance is one of the most important problems to be solved in distributed ledger technology.

In the payment area, with the increase of the heat of digital currency and the application of currency, the demand for payment has been increasing. Lightning network and thunder network technology should be born. However, the design of lightning network and 6 thunder network is complicated, the technology landing is difficult, the development cycle is long, and the actual application time and effect of landing in the future are unknown. In 2018, with the upgrading of block chain technology and the rise of digital economy, MGC Token provides a safe, efficient and simple storage environment for a variety of digital assets, and introduces ATS digital assets financing services, as well as platform support for construction of digital assets exchange, trading, digital assets payment and settlement system,etc.

With the digital assets continuously accepted by the public and the huge increase in demand, MGC Token will continue to update its technology and services iteratively, which will officially unveil the prelude of digital assets 3.0 era after experiencing the tide of digital assets 1.0 era and 2.0 era. MGC Token provides a secure storage environment for digital assets with multi-functional wallets and fast services for multi-currency management. MGC Token provides ATS smart financing service for digital assets, bringing daily stable profits to the users, strategic planning of landing ecology, and circulation of MGC token. MGC Token will become a multi-functional comprehensive service platform for digital assets. In the era of blockchain digital economy, all the tokens firstly require to produce the value of internal circulation, and then the values produced by landing applications. MGC Token combined with the value of digital circulation and landing application, will surely usher in the next big trend ——the arrival of communication value + token economy. As the platform token, MGC will be used as a barrier-free token on the MGC Token platform, connect online and offline merchants in all walks of life and achieve landing application. It not only helps the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also leverages the Internet economy and promotes the development of real economy.

MGC Token, a digital asset comprehensive service platform that integrates digital asset storage management, smart financing management and landing payment ecology, will continue to develop, create and serve entire field of human life under the support of underlying technology of blockchain. Under such big background, the MGC Token platform initiated by AONE, UK, came into being at the historic moment. Combining the most popular block chain technology in the world with its offline powerful background, it is devoted to change the current 7 environment of global payment. Digitalization of assets has become the trend of development in the future. Traditional payment methods are incompatible with today’s high-speed information development. The transfer of cross-border takes several days to confirm. The currencies must be converted into local legal currencies for outbound tourism, and extreme non-transparency of transaction have all become a difficult problem under the current global integration. The introduction of MGC Token enables users to transfer remittances in a timely manner worldwide, and the transfer for cross-countries and cross-borders can be realized by such payment network. With the automatic conversion of exchange rate on the platform, the confirmation of transaction can be completed in a few seconds without any transaction cost.

Moreover, the rise of MGC make it more convenient to consume during traveling abroad, consumers can use MGC Token scanning to transfer money freely, while reducing handling cost between consumers and merchants. The de-centralized payment of MGC Token is a close combination of cash-free, card-free transaction and digital assets, and creates an unlimited payment platform. MGC Token is committed to serving the global payment scenario for portals through blockchain technology innovation, and is actively expanding its global business with new business models and value returns. MGC Token has a strong R&D team of block chain technology, and has four experts from the world’s top blockchain field. The token will be issued by MGC Token called as (MGC Coin, hereinafter referred to as “MGC”, “Token”). After issuance, it will not only run in MGC Token’s own system, but also be online and freely traded on the world’s major encrypted currency exchanges. At the same time, it will create the preferred online landing ecological payment.


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