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Today we live in a world of mistrust where consumers and investors find it very difficult, if not impossible, to trust global institutions, whether these institutions are NGOs, Government, Business or Media. Many studies have been performed over the last decade confirming these views and it appears this discontent is growing deeper and broader.

In a recent study performed by Edelman, they found that the majority of consumers and investors trust the financial services and banking industries the least. However, what may be surprising is this distrust traverses all industries, where the predominant reason for consumers’ distrust is caused mainly by consumers believing most businesses are corrupt or fraudulent, and that unethical motivations drive business decisions.

A powerful example of this distrust can be seen by looking at the significant deterioration of trust in “platforms” (i.e. search engines and social media). Whether the lack of trust is the result of the rise of fake news, or the industry’s exponential adoption of business models based predominantly on obtaining and exploiting personal consumer information for profit, is unclear. However, what is clear is that consumers are no longer accepting of revenue and profit models that return enormous benefits to institutions at the expense of consumers, communities, and our overall society.

In order to find a solution to these issues, we must first understand that the problems in the global marketplace stem from the unique role consumers fill, where their actions alone decide the overall success of the global economy. What is often overlooked is the fact that consumer income (supply) and spending (demand) drives the direction of interest rates, corporate profits, stock markets, employment, government debt, prices of goods and services, and so much more. It is this dependency on the consumer that has caused the marketplace to broaden and accelerate their endeavors to understand and secure the activities, intentions, and information of the consumer.

However, what institutions, and the global marketplace, often fail to understand is the provision of tools or services that deliver ease-of-access, games and social media does not justify gathering and distributing personal consumer information for corporate profit. Consumers’ and investors’ personal information should not be simply thought of as a way to discover methods to sell more products but, more importantly, something of tangible value that should be visible and deliver direct benefits to the owner of that information, the consumer. Existing technology platforms have failed to recognize this reality and, in many cases, that is part of the problem. Making matters worse, the financial services and banking industries have also failed in this regard, as their products and services are both highly commoditized and seriously outdated. Thus, what we are left with is a global marketplace that cannot meet the needs of the 21st-century consumer or investor.

Considering the distrust consumers and investors have for all industries, alongside institutions’ inability to meet their needs amidst ever more treacherous and speculative capital markets, a significant need and opportunity exists for a new and trusted social platform model that can maximize a consumer’s value and wealth by focusing on their specific interests and needs in an ever-changing and challenging world.

“ Huddl believes these problems can be resolved by introducing a new market utility that connects, incubates, and fuses consumers in unique and powerful ways to create trusted micro-sharing communities, maximizing every individual’s buying power, influence, and impact.

Huddl’s unique approach unlocks consumers’ potential while providing them with unprecedented monetization and value creation opportunities to assist consumers in maximizing their savings and wealth, and improve overall quality of life in their earning years and in retirement.

Our powerful, multi-sided digital platform enables the exchange of consumer products and services while delivering actionable intelligence to both consumers and businesses to discover, locate and engage one another in a controlled fair environment.

Huddl will begin this journey by focusing our initial technology solutions on democratizing access to essential financial products and services. These services will deliver more benefits and value to users than is currently being provided by the global financial and platform industries, as it will both incubate and unite consumers to create a single new global consumer clearinghouse, marketplace, and exchange.


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HUDDL Whitepaper