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The Orbs Vision By 2020, large scale consumer applications will have transitioned to the blockchain, bringing decentralized services to billions worldwide. We see the beginning of this trend today as more and more established consumer brands– Kodak, Kik and Telegram – launch new, decentralized businesses and reinvent themselves in this space.

The masses of mainstream consumers present a unique combination of challenges that general-purpose blockchain solutions find difficult to adequately meet. We see a need to provide these decentralized consumer apps with a hybrid infrastructure solution that addresses the multitude of requirements for making this transition possible and seamlessly integrates them into the emerging standard blockchain infrastructure.

Until now, established consumer brands have been forced to either avoid blockchain technology altogether; defocus and develop their own custom infrastructure in-house; or settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don’t scale, fee structures that break business models and a degree of liability that a real-world business cannot accept.

Orbs mitigates these problems by augmenting current blockchain solutions such as Ethereum. Rather than competing with current protocols, Orbs complements them in order to bring scalability to decentralized apps without reinventing the wheel – especially where things were done well.

The Orbs project envisions complementing the de facto, emergent blockchain standard of Ethereum by functioning as a second layer hybrid. Ethereum has unmatched combination of decentralization, liquidity and ecosystem, yet, an ethereum token requires an overlay network optimised for micro-transactions in order to perform high-scale and low-fee operations. Adopting Orbs alongside Ethereum allows DApps to enjoy the best of both chains: unmatched security, liquidity and ecosystem integration, together with low-fees, production-ready scalability and suitable fee structure. This combination of Ethereum and Orbs is the optimal solution for applications with millions of users looking to adopt blockchain, todayThrough innovations like blockchain virtualization (a.k.a., virtual chains) and randomized proof-of-stake (RPoS), Orbs will blend the common requirements for security with demand for speed both, while compromising on neither.

We envision a fully decentralized public platform that put the needs of app developers first, by design. Where consumer brands feel comfortable operating nodes and taking part in a balanced, decentralized ecosystem, one that makes this transition easier for the industry as a whole. The platform will be complete with a core product experience inspired by well-established infrastructure solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and speak in familiar terminology like Service Level Agreements (SLA) and dedicated resources.


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