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Cryptocurrency has reached a maturity level, in which it now serves as a digital asset. It enables the owners to send transactions instantly, privately, and securely throughout the networks. The network is independent. It regulates the development and growth on its own way. Yes, cryptocurrency has a decentralized system. In addition to the technical challenges, the cryptocurrency has to face tightening challenges from credit cards, banks, and fiat currencies. As a result, cryptocurrency needs added values to enable it to work safely and perform better. Actually, the success of cryptocurrency depends upon several factors, like peer-to-peer (P2P), price stability, safety, distribution networks (consensus distribution), decentralized system, and ease of operation.

NETRUM offers the solution for all the limitations currently associated with most of digital currencies. It is developed as a new cryptocurrency that will facilitate the users to meet their needs. NETRUM is built upon a dependable platform. It will be integrated into the existing financial systems, of course with many added values.

They include improved security, greener technology, mobile technology, and even localization. NETRUM Coin provides some advantages for the users with more options. They include Bitcoin open source and fast transaction process. Besides them, the following are among the advantages offered by NETRUM : • Combination of PoS (Proof of Stake) and PoW (Proof of Work) • Masternode

• Varied Wallet Options
• Mobile apps
• Integration with local economic systems in the country, where it operates Netrum 2019 © 8
• Integration with the existing financial systems
• Added value for people as it will facilitate the users in varied sectors like education, and many more

NETRUM also keeps improving the platforms the objectives, visions, and strategies. In the end, the cryptocurrency will have improved usage in the real-life.

It is not left in the desktop. Instead, the platform will go anywhere with the owners, since NETRUM will come in mobile apps. It will be accessible from different gadgets based upon different operating systems like Android, iOS, and many others.

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Netrum Whitepaper