Asian Fintech Whitepaper

Asian Fintech (Afin) provide online business platform for various business entrepreneurs and companies and bring them on Blockchain platform to applications for business platforms in those fields..

Afin will provide “Afin online Platform” to facilitate trade and negotiation between business entrepreneur and companies from various countries, also enhance the connectivity, and provide accurate and up to date information and data on a fast track.

Afin is incorporating Blockchain technology to expand and diversify the business of Afin and its partners. It is cost effective and convenient for both the sellers and the buyers.

Afin currency is prepared to support the digital world as a premier medium of exchange.

Afin will use the main Blockchain system, Token based Ethereum ERC-20, which is called Afin coin, which will be the primary token for coin holder’s usage and trading in the Exchange Market.

But due to the use of transactions on the transfer, there are some problems as other tokens in the market. Price volatility, transfer and confirmation speed , also high usage fees.

Afin has also made a special Token from the Blockchain development of the Stellar Protocol, which will be used in parallel with the Afin, using the name AfinS, which is efficient Token in term of transfer Fee, Speed. And it is a Stable Token that is fixed or almost fixed, which can solve problems of price volatility with the use of Cryptocurrency In the general market, which Afin coin holders want to use with AfinS, they are able to exchange themselves from Afin Blockchain system for convenience and maximum efficiency.

It’s “ Co-Blockchain System “

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Asian Fintech Whitepaper