Kuende Whitepaper

The differentiator that Kuende will pursue, and the core values we will maintain, are the intersection of offline and online social interactions. We want to specifically further the creation and development of challenges and communities that encourage interactions on both sides of the app. So, we have looked for areas where we could offer something not currently on the market.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, our interactions will be designed to have a real-world element. Currently, Twitter offers minimal push to offsite locations. Hashtags are used at conferences and other events, but the user sees them as an afterthought. No hashtag pushes someone to a concert.

Kuende interactions will be designed to have that push in all interactions by rewarding users for their activity.

Facebook may have some offline-focused elements, but these are few and often commerce-based. Its recent marketplaces and “buy-and-sell” groups reach roughly 550 million people. So, we know there is a desire to interact and even potentially meet. Unfortunately, Facebook offers no platform-specific method to encourage meetings.

Kuende’s reward system again can take advantage of this desire to meet up for a variety of purposes to lead to greater interactions.

Tinder, perhaps the best-known service to drive users to meet in the real world, has an estimate of 50 million users, but its use-case is limited. As soon as someone achieves their first desired goal of establishing a relationship, they pause on the service for some time. By providing a wide range of activities that can change with a user’s shifts in preferences, family status, location, habits and more, users can stay with us through this change.

We have also seen a variety of blockchain proposals that are considering functionality similar to ours. Their roadmaps usually include a product launch in 2019 or 2020, and we don’t think consumers will want to wait that long to switch to a new social network, especially in the light of growing privacy concerns with some larger, more established networks.

Others also place a premium on creating entertainment online, without the offline aspects of developing a community or encouraging a positive interaction. The difference Kuende brings is our commitment to the betterment of individuals and the groups they belong to by pairing online interest-focused social content with offline experiences that allow people to explore their world.

By rewarding users and allowing for a variety of challenges to take place in any community, we aim to create engagement that is not limited to any single user type. And, the use of blockchain technology ensures we’re properly rewarding and protecting our users as they create new social connections.


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Kuende Whitepaper