HashNet BitEco Whitepaper

HNB is a next generation of blockchain-based decentralized economic entity. Its goal is to build a sustainable business model to serve and support real business scenarios. From technology point of view, HNB is a blockchain system supporting multi-chains architecture and the circulation of multiple digital assets, it can be used to build a decentralized economic ecosystem founded on public blockchain.

Aligning with HNB business vision and development plan, HNB team has formulated the technical solution to implement HNB economic model after overhaul of current blockchain projects in the market.

In this technical white paper, there are detailed descriptions on design principles of HNB public chain, overall architecture design and how core technologies are implemented. The core technologies elaborated on in the white paper include identity management, consensus mechanism, data store, multiple asset accounting, transaction management, smart contract, node management, network communication and cryptography. Other content such as introduction of HNB DApp structure, algorithm bank for application scenario for supporting real business applications are also included.

HNB Whitepaper

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HashNet BitEco Whitepaper