Locus Chain Whitepaper

Locus Chain is a state of the art blockchain protocol that can maintain stable transaction time even if the number of nodes and transactions increase using Account Wise Transaction Chain (AWTC). Through the use of AWTC, Locus Chain is able to provide high transaction speed for every user in the eco-system and the network.

Scalability is essential for any blockchain protocol. Locus Chain applies the latest technology of unique Dynamic State Sharding to the transaction ledger block to resolve the problems associated with ever-growing data size.

The Locus Chain Main Net uses a very fair and competitive consensus model, VRF-PBFT + PoS+DPoS, that is revolutionary as it ensures proper compensation based on the relevant contribution to the Locus Chain Network.

Using the most advanced technology of Locus Chain, Smart Contracts can be executed even in harshest network environments that other blockchain protocols will not be able to. Furthermore, Locus Chain is resistant to quantum computing attacks, a huge threat to existing cryptography system.


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Locus Chain Whitepaper