Fiii Whitepaper

FiiiCoin is a transaction network specifically designed for mobile devices mining purpose only. The
blockchain technology enable all mobile devices participate in maintaining the blockchain network
while leaving it idle and charging battery instead of relying on expensive and powerful computer
hardware running 24/7 to do the mining work. The main objective is to create a least effort way and
promote re-using the existing available resources(mobile devices) together to take part in maintaining
the blockchain. Even the non-IT people or non-crypto fans can easily learn and involve in mining as
long as they at least have a smartphone.

In fact, smartphone or any other mobile devices are not suitable to be setup as a blockchain node. The
reasons are the computing power is weak, storage capacity is limited to keep a full blockchain and
battery powered device are not meant to be 24/7 running all time, and it requires high network
bandwidth to synchronize blocks data. If the mobile device runs the node using 4G network, it will
finish up all the bandwidth in no time.

FiiiCoin is built using an enhanced version of Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm – Delegated Proofof-Capacity (DPoC) to achieve the mobile mining capability while keeping the mobile device from being
a full node and perform extensive block synchronization work. FiiiCoin is developed using an in-house
built customizable blockchain technology – FiiiChain. FiiiChain provide standard blockchain modules
with the “plug-and-play” capability for developers to modify the blockchain characteristic base on the
given business requirement.

P2P Network
FiiiCoin network is based on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network architecture which constantly connect to
multiple nodes within the same network to synchronize data. P2P network means each computer in
the same network is identical, same privilege and authorization to communicate with each other in
flat topology. In addition to peer-to-peer protocols, FiiiCoin network also include additional custom
gateway protocol to provide routing service to enhance the efficiency of P2P network connectivity,
so that it can help newly added nodes to the network can quickly access to other nodes.

Routing Protocol
The FiiiCoin network contains multiple master-node servers that are distributed around the world,
providing the blockchain data synchronization service to every participating nodes, and they run
continuously non-stop to help other nodes to discover other nodes. FiiiCoin has a global tracker
service hosted to seed all the active nodes at, which work similarly to BitTorrent. The
seeder provides all the IP addresses of all active nodes to the node which just join the FiiiCoin
network. All the active nodes periodically provide heartbeat data to the tracker to indicate they are
still active in the network.

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