bitcoin2network Whitepaper

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to
another without going through a financial institution.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

The above mentioned is the basic premise that every legitimate decentralized
digital currency is built on. The entire purpose of a digital currency is to remove the
need for traditional trust-based payment ecosystems where third parties reign as
the processors and benefactors of electronic payments. By eliminating third-party
processors, blockchains allow for a decentralized environment to offer “trust” in
cryptographic proofs rather than institutions. Sadly, the influx in Cryptocurrency
technology solutions has brought forth pressing issues of true decentralization,
pseudo-anonymity, consensus issues and the lack of scalability. It is with grief that
we state that the Cryptocurrency industry is also puzzled with solutions that are illfounded, money-grabs or the subject of political power plays. Thus, the list of
shortcomings on current Cryptocurrency technology solutions is long and we shall
propose our solutions to combat these deficiencies. – B2N Project

The b2n-project is an open-source collaborative effort to build a multi-tiered blockchain ecosystem that is founded
on three basic tenets: Privacy, Freedom and Equality. It is proposed by a diverse team of technically competent
individuals who are well versed in distributed ledger technologies, cryptography and economics. The team believes
the essence of true success in any open-source project is dependent upon the community that builds it. It is for this
reason that the projects successful implementation is directly correlated with the active participation and contribution
of its community.

The founding team has not depended on collecting an irrational amount of funds via an ICO or ‘token sale’ to develop
its solutions. Instead, it has delivered a robust digital currency blockchain (B2N coin) to the community by investing
their own personal funds, time and efforts. Despite these efforts, the ultimate success of this project is dependent
upon community collaboration. Active community members who contribute their invaluable time and skills will be
rewarded via B2N coin bounties. This incentive ensures that every b2n-project contributor is a vested party in the
development and growth of the project. Therefore, 5% of B2N coins have been allocated for distribution to community
participants who aid in the development and promotion of the project.

The B2N coin is neither to be considered a User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) nor a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF) of
any coin. Instead, it enhances the already disruptive technology of CryptoNote by implementing its own variations to
the source code (e.g. CryptoNight-B2N Algorithm). The B2N coin is powered by a robust blockchain system that is
privacy-centric, self-regulating and adaptive in nature. It enables users to privately transact across the world within an
instant and rids the need for third-party validators. All network transactions are processed and validated collectively
by the B2N decentralized global community.

bitcoin2network is an open source software built upon: collaboration, privacy, freedom and equality.

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bitcoin2network Whitepaper