Next Exchange Whitepaper

The cryptocurrency market today comprises a multi-billion-dollar industry. That being said,
it is yet to be fully accepted by the masses as an investment tool, compared to standard
fiat currencies like the dollar ($) or the euro (€). While holding a market share of
approximately 1.2% in current exchange currencies, that figure is expected to see rapid
growth in the upcoming years. We established because we believe in the
potential of cryptocurrency, and that through its application, corporations may find an easy
and efficient way of receiving finance for their projects. This will be achieved by utilizing
what is known as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Our vision at is to allow
companies to fund their activities as simply and securely as possible by utilizing digital
currencies for project development and service development. Right now, we are
designing and constantly upgrading a fresh new platform for cryptocurrency exchanges,
trades and conversions into foreign fiats.

Large capital acquisitions through ICOs, combined with the increasing public acceptance
of cryptocurrency as a medium of trade, will provide start-ups and investors alike with
opportunities for rapid project development and growth. However, the market potential
for cryptocurrencies is yet to be fully realized. We at, are currently
developing a unique cryptocurrency exchange platform which will provide traders with the
latest tools to get new coins with crypto or fiat at

Incorporated in the Netherlands, is a next-generation cryptocurrency
exchange committed to offering a fiat gateway and non-banking asset management
solutions outside of traditional financial systems and banking establishments. Unlike these
institutions, we place all assets straight into the Blockchain ledger

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Next.Exchange Whitepaper