Beacon Whitepaper

Beacon is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that supports multiple revenue generating
platforms. With scalability and utility in mind, Beacon will establish these platforms over
time in order to channel a piece of the revenue earned on each platform into the non-profit
arm of the project, the Beacon Foundation.

Public perception of cryptocurrency remains very negative. Most people view it as a
destination for scammers, hackers, and speculators. Where it is a certainty that you will
lose your money. The world needs a cryptocurrency with a vision, a purpose, a clear plan
for the future, and a utility that will make an impact on the real world. Most importantly,
Beacon’s mission is to share the tangible, positive impact cryptocurrency can have on our

Beacon will use a modified Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) structure. Once
the Beacon Foundation is established, the DAO will help the team select and advance
initiative ideas as well as other project-based decisions. It is vital to the long term health of
the project to include all stakeholders in the decision making process. Beacon has firmly
established that investors will have a say in the foundation’s impact in the real-world, on a
large, international scale.

Partnerships and revenue generating platforms will provide Beacon with a number of strong
utilities. With each new platform, the Beacon coin will grow in demand and value. The
Beacon team knows how important utility is to a cryptocurrency. These platforms will be
the first objective after launch in order to establish and grow organic demand. As
mentioned before, Beacon recognized that a small portion of block rewards alone will not
be enough funding for everything planned. Therefore, all net revenue from these utility
platforms will be channeled into the non-profit arm of Beacon. As the number and
popularity of platforms grows, so does the funding for the Beacon Foundation.

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