DogeCash Whitepaper

With the rise of crypto popularity there came a flood of bad actors who now
continue to take advantage of investors in one form or another. This is especially
common in “new” masternode projects that exit scam, underdeliver and remain
anonymous throughout the inevitable short lifespan of the coin.

A conservative estimate of 500 masternode projects launched with a BTC Talk
ANN since the start of 2018. Of these, an overwhelming majority have gone silent,
do not show any sign of ongoing development, and simply lack the level of quality a
top caliber project should demand. Moreover, most projects fail to give their
communities any decision making ability over the future direction and development
of the project.

A group of crypto developers, experts, and investors recognized the
aforementioned shortcomings and designed a concept that aims to set
fundamental standards for launching projects.

DogeCash is building a Masternode/PoS cryptocurrency ecosystem whose
components and decision making will be voted on by private key holders. DOGEC
will act as the crypto of choice within the different platforms built within the

There is an extreme oversaturation of cryptocurrencies that serve as the primary
coin utilized within a single platform. DogeCash aims to eliminate the need for
multiple coins among different projects. One coin will be utilized to make
masternode hosting payments, reduce exchange fees, tip content creators, and
what ever else the community decides to build. Furthermore, we have decided on
non-negotiable project values we will base our project upon: transparency,
quality, community and charity.

These are traits we believe will set the standard in the masternode space, urging
new projects to do things “The DogeCash Way.”

DogeCash will launch the DOGEC blockchain mainnet at 3:00 AM UTC on October
1st, 2018. A limited number of masternodes will be deployed by the team and early
project supporters to ensure network stability and security before a presale of
twenty masternodes is conducted. Funds raised by the presale (30*0.4 BTC = ~75k
USD) will enable the project to kickstart a marketing campaign with the purpose of
growing a robust community which will provide DogeCash with a strong
foundation. Additionally, five percent of the maximum supply will be premined to
fund the development of community voted platforms and necessary project tasks
such as community moderation, wallet UI upgrades, partnerships and more.

The Bitcoin presale and DOGEC premine addresses will both be made public at
launch. Please refer to the Bitcoin Talk Announcement or the project website
( for all technical specification details.

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DogeCash Whitepaper