BitMax Token Whitepaper

With the explosive market development of cryptocurrency industry, digital asset
exchanges have evolved to be one of the most important parts of the blockchain industry.
They support the increasing market demand for trading and playing the significant role of
connecting the primary and secondary markets for all the market participants from those
involved in project finance and venture capital to institutional and retail investors, and
ultimately facilitating the capital formation mechanism in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
The economic model of blockchain technology is built upon digital tokens and the
consensus mechanism- digital tokens unlock the economic value and activate the internal
ecosystem of the blockchain; while the distributed consensus mechanism ensures the
efficiency of the operating platforms. The incentive system based off interest and profits
is the core driver to the development of blockchain projects in the cryptocurrency

The blockchain technology has emerged as the core system and tools in support of
autonomous management. After Satoshi Nakamoto established a set of general rules in
his 2008 white paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, the entire
blockchain community has been operating through a decentralized approach, further
gradually evolving into a distributed autonomous system. Similar to the traditional
market economic system, the distribution of products is dependent upon the quantity and
the output of labour; whereas the right of usage, ownership and right to operate together
with investors, shareholders, employees, and customers are fully integrated in the
blockchain eco-community. As a result, all the participants would share in the benefits of
community development and support better mobilisation of resources, in order to create a
virtuous cycle of profitability. The recent development and expansion of the blockchain
ecosystem has ushered in a new era of the distributed autonomous economy over the
traditional economical forms of capitalism and socialism.

The team believes that blockchain technology is improving the efficiency of
organisational collaboration through the usage of a user-based intrinsic value exchange

With this vision in sight, the team has launched, an innovative
next-generation digital asset trading platform, in the mission to support financial market
innovation and advancement of crypto economy. The team hopes that through
building upon a series of open and fair market rules, would be able to boost the
liquidity of overall market, enhance market depth and support the blockchain structural
optimisation. Leveraging on blockchain technology as well as team’s deep
global trading and management experience across traditional finance and Internet, aims to establish global trading platform that provides a broad range of
products and services for global retail and institutional clients with its relentless focus on
transparency, reliability and quality of execution and client services.

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BitMax Token Whitepaper