ROMToken Whitepaper

Communication-based Value Added Services (VAS) are significant and inseparable with the daily life of modern people. Therefore, most countries manage the communication industry using permission (regulation) and control (license) policies, and boost communication industry efficiently
through controlled competition among a few operators. These authorization and control policies could be working properly within the territory and regime of a single country; however, there are some problems in applying these control policies for cross-border communication services.

Hence, we tried to find the clue for the solution from the public Internet, which is already extensively disrupting existing old and legacy platforms in each and every sector of the industry. In order words, if this progressive media platform (that is, Internet) is used to disruptively innovate conventional communication-based VAS’s, armed with the philosophy of participation and collaboration, effective sharing and reuse (recycle) of idle resources, then so-called ‘walled garden’ problem (closed-ness) might be effectively resolved or at least mitigated, we conclude.

ROM token is a virtual crypto-currency for utilities that may be used in the decentralized integrated communication services which comprise ROM Platform. ROM Platform will provide integrated services through differentiated technologies, various patents, diversified cultural digital content, etc. acquired by remarkable experts who have achieved proven outcomes in each respective fields for lengthy periods of time. Our team working for ROM platform is aiming at more added values by providing a wide range of digital content such as video clips and services such as voice, data, communication (network connectivity), broadcast, game, shopping, etc. and by recycling the idle (unused) service resources. ROM Tokens, which are issued through ROM Token sales, are used as payment method for ROM Platform. We are aiming at free trading through various virtual currency exchanges (markets) in the future.

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ROMToken Whitepaper