Centercoin Whitepaper

Blockchain is a distributed data system involving multiple nodes. The most significant feature is that
there is no central node. Therefore, modifications and falsifications are not possible. Because there are
so many nodes involved, it is one massive ledger with its own trust mechanism. Because the data is
open, any node in the blockchain can participate in adding to the ledger. When a change occurs in the
data, the system selects the node with the fastest speed and records that data. At the same time, it
instructs the other nodes to back up the data. This way, every node in the system can have a complete
ledger. This is why blockchain technology is attracting the attention of industries as it ensures data
consistency, fairness and transparency.

Over the past two decades, the development of Internet-based technologies has involved millions of
individual investors in global financial market transactions. Due to the tremendous demand for financial
transactions and large profits trading, Internet financial trading companies have grown rapidly.
However, traditional regulation and regulation of foreign exchange transactions in each country make
it di6icult for traders to deposit and withdraw money for trading. CENTERCOIN will ensure that the
exchange of local currencies and dollars in each country is safe and free.

To this end, CENTERCOIN seeks to provide a link encrypted currency trading.
CENTERCOIN is pursuing the following:
(1) Provision of safe and easy deposit and withdrawal platform for cryptocurrency market
(2) Provision of an abundance of trading signals
(3) Provision of AI program for automatic trading
(4) Provision of cryptocurrency investment portfolio through linkage with trading platforms

With the explosive development of cryptocurrency whose representative coin has been bitcoin for
some time, the cryptocurrency market, which consists of Bitcoin, Ether, and various derivative digital
assets, which are the background technology of blockchain, now sees trading of over 2,000 di6erent
cryptocurrencies and the traded amount exceeds USD 1 trillion. But it doesn’t stop there. The
cryptocurrency market is still growing exponentially, and the potential is unlimited. Blockchain
technology is expected to make an important contribution to the establishment of a modernized
economic system by accelerating technological innovation, organizational reform and e6iciency
innovation throughout the economic system through the establishment of a “value network”.
The total foreign currency market day trading volume is USD 3.2 trillion, and the deposit and withdrawal
volume is USD 50 billion annually. We will help each broker and trader deposit and withdraw money via
CENTERCOIN listed on the exchange, and will maximize the benefit of initial coin participants through
our own broker and exchange projects.

We will provide special, e6icient and secure cryptocurrency trading services through CENTERCOIN,
our cryptocurrency exchange, and our online trading platform. The platform will stick to an easy
interface, e6icient and intuitive trading methods, and will be a platform specialized for providing
customer support services. With decentralized ledger transaction, all transaction details will be
transparent and CENTERCOIN’s own transfer and payment will be concise but thorough. Traders
holding CENTERCOIN can benefit from CFD, stocks, futures, commodities and index commodities
using the online trading platform. This is an area that has not yet been serviced.
In order to ensure the success of the project, the Foundation has a team of professionals with expertise
and vast experience in banking, operations and technology, from blockchain to online trading.
In order to ensure the success of the project, the Foundation has a team of professionals with expertise
and vast experience in banking, operations and technology, from blockchain to online trading.

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Centercoin Whitepaper