StrongHands Masternode Whitepaper

StrongHands (SHND) is a free open-source cryptocurrency that seeks to become a long- term energy-efficient project. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, StrongHands offers the proof-of-stake concept to help further advance the field of technology that it is built upon.

Through our community-based ecosystem, StrongHands intends to encourage users to live a healthy lifestyle via accountability and motivation from peers, SHND coin rewards and community cohesion.

The StrongHands ecosystem is built around communities, with each differing in regards to goals, examples being: running, weight loss, yoga, meditation, etc. Users initially complete a very short SMART goals survey form which will help serve as a blueprint for accountability and to better identify the community that best fits each user.
Each community is rewarded as a whole if a set percentage of its members complete their short-term goals. This will encourage members to motivate and support one another.
The StrongHands app is used to securely communicate with community members, record goals, and check in by scanning QR codes, such as at the front desk at the gym, on golfing greenways or a variety of trails.

SHND rewards can be spent within the StrongHands marketplace to purchase a variety of health and fitness items, which will include advice from wellness professionals such as personal trainers and coaches, nutritionists, and health and wellness counselors.

StrongHands is working hard in its effort to establish partnerships with fitness clubs, health and wellness spas, and fitness retreats.

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StrongHands Masternode Whitepaper