Alluva Whitepaper

Alluva is Oddup’s blockchain-based cryptoassets rating and prediction offering. A contributor-model product that incentivises participants, Alluva enables crypto investors to earn rewards for their analysis and crypto price predictions. As a free-to-use product, Alluva is ideal for investors who want to expand their portfolio with minimum risk or new investors who want to hone their skills.

Alluva enables potential investors and individual contributors to:
– Identify crypto market trends and earn rewards for their efforts
– Develop the skills to accurately analyse crypto prices for improved investment choices
– Identify blockchain startups that display growth potential for investment

As it evolves, Alluva aims to bring clarity in the current investment space where STOs, ICOs, and cryptocurrencies play an increasingly integral role, helping potential individual and institutional investors explore the best of blockchain technology and startups.

Crypto Community
Leveraging the community of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts for accurate and expansive data, and rewarding them for their insights.

The Alluva DApp and Website App will be free to sign up for and use. Users only have to make correct predictions to earn rewards.

Ideal For Crypto Investors
Existing investors or those who are new to the sector can hone their price analysis skills with Alluva while being rewarded.

Reward System
Users that provide successful predictions over time are rewarded by greater weightage in future ratings and utility tokens.

Enable Mass Adoption
Enabling blockchain enthusiasts to showcase their support for feasible products that hold mass adoption potential.

Oddup Advantage
Combining the benefits of blockchain with the technical expertise and proprietary algorithm of Oddup.


Alluva Website
Alluva Whitepaper