RedFOX Labs Whitepaper

RedFOX Labs is a blockchain based technology company that identifies and builds proven unicorn business models for the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

We create innovative and scalable solutions to unlock true market potential on the Komodo Platform, as we aim to create leading companies in the e-commerce, e-media, e-travel, ride hailing and logistics areas.

To allow the under-served with effective access to the internet economy we needed a competitive technology, we needed a technological edge. The Komodo platform is widely considered one of the most innovative in the blockchain space allows us a myriad of entry points and options to explore opportunities previously unexplored.

Replicating large-scale unicorn models requires certain core competencies we believe only the Komodo platform can provide at this time.

In order to be competitive in our selected verticals we require a largely language agnostic, interoperable solution which can grow rapidly without issues of congestion or scalability. The Komodo platform can deliver this with benefits that will allow us to aggressively take market share in a market that currently caters to less than 50% of its population and has 104 million residents aged between 25 and 34, which make up the majority of our core audience.

RedFOX Labs is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.


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RedFOX Labs Whitepaper