BZEdge Whitepaper

BZEdge (BZE) builds on the technological and community innovations of Bitcoin, Z-Cash, and BitcoinZ.
In a fast-moving cryptocurrency world, it is necessary to establish a wide distribution and a focused, well-informed community to assist adoption in the name of freedom and liberty for all. Trade should be controlled solely by the buyer and the supplier.

However, we operate in a society where there are far too many middlemen and hidden costs that destroy our economies, forcing smaller to medium business to crumble under inflated taxes and pressing end consumers to pay inflated prices. This cycle, in turn, fuels poverty in places predominantly controlled by the elite.

BZEdge believes, that with its technology, businesses will be equipped to take back control, drive growth and breed success. BZEdge is committed to achieving these goals and realizing this mission, with a powerful community following, backed by a strong development team.

BZEdge Whitepaper