YottaChain Whitepaper

Storage is the best application scenario for blockchain, and YottaChain is a top public blockchain for the best applications of blockchain.

YottaChain redefines the blockchain storage industry with its unique core technology, enabling blockchain storage to break through and develop into a new pattern, establishing an open platform to play a key role in the development of blockchain storage.

On the technical level, YottaChain has an exclusive patented technology of “de-duplication after encryption”, that ensures blockchain storage is safe enough for personal and enterprise data, while enlarges the data storage space by 5-10 folds by dedup bonus.This technology has subverted the blockchain storage industry and for the first time made it possible to use it in both ways.

From the point of view of economic model, YottaChain rewards who contributes resources, instead of who wastes resources like BTC/ETH. Furthermore, YottaChain’s double layers token design combines both stability and liquidity. From the point of view of double layers token design the asset backed tokens anchor physical resources,there is unearned increment by 50%+ every year; and the liquid cryptocurrency’s price can be mined by market, but model design can guarantee long term appreciation;

From the point of view of governance structure, YottaChain for the first time proposed an entirely decentralized governance structure to solve the problems of “who makes the rules”, “how the rules are implemented” And “who will manage the rules when any person is evil or does nothing.” YottaChain’s unique incentive model allows storage resource owners to contribute more space to their YottaChain, and instead gain more storage space and receive additional cryptocurrency rewards.Moreover, this model does not require any subsidy,it can work forever.

In the business model, YottaChain not only forms a commercial closed loop, but also is more reliable than any centralized storage (more than 10,000 times more reliable data), lower cost, and comes with network acceleration, anti-DDos and disaster recovery features. As a typical representative of the main business, we have a deep understanding of market demand and user pain points. With deep industry resources, strong industry partners, and perfect market entry solutions, we can directly and seamlessly migrate the market of tens of billions of dollars; In terms of ecological development, YottaChain can directly migrate millions of existing IT applications, on the other hand, it provide an open platform to open its own core capabilities and allow blockchain storage on open platforms. The system can share the weight loss Redefine Blockchain Storage bonus. The third-party blockchain storage system can join the YottaChain ecosystem to gain key technical capabilities, and can immediately realize double revenue. It has now received major support from the IPFS ecosystem.


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YottaChain Whitepaper