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According to experts in our team, the overall ecological situation on the planet is worsening exponentially due to the increase in world production and technology development.

Hundreds of millions of tons of domestic solid waste (trash, garbage, refuse, rubbish) which is a waste type consisting of everyday items are generated annually by people.

Up to 45% of domestic solid waste (or municipal solid waste, MSW), is not declared worldwide as per our estimate. That means that such a big share of waste remains out of official statistics of waste generation worldwide. People throw it in water, forest, desert, etc.

This project represents the unique alternative solution in arranging funds for environment-oriented projects internationally. The decentralized cryptocurrency fund ASGARD is based on socioenvironmental blockchain platform. The uniqueness of the ASGARD PLATFORM are the motivation of the Earth’s inhabitants in finding a hidden environmental damage – an undeclared waste, decision-making processes to address the elimination of environmental violations identified.

Moreover, there is always the rule: the more intensively a hidden environmental damage is detected, the faster the volume of accumulated waste declines • the higher reward in digital crypto tokens receive ASG members


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Asgard Whitepaper