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Over-the-counter (OTC) refers to corporate stocks that are not traded on a publicly traded stock market. Many of the stocks that have future growth potentials or values are not properly reflected. The OTC market is managed by a few professional investors, including public institutions, investment banks, venture capital firms, individuals and brokers. For those who want to participate in other markets, the OTC market has similar issues.

From the perspective of investors
– It is difficult to grasp the appropriate value of a company that has issued stock before investment,
– The transparency and stability of stock trades cannot be guaranteed at the time of investment,
– It is not possible to get compensation like dividends after investment.

From the perspective of an OTC company
– It is difficult to grow a business when there is no proper financing plan at the beginning of a project,
– The cost of obtaining investors is directly burdensome and difficult,③It is difficult to provide investment-related information directly to a preliminary investor.

XTOCK is the world’s first blockchain based real-time financial network platform, that will solve the above problems for both investors and OTC companies by innovating the investment environment.

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