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We all love consuming “content.” Consuming content enriches people’s everyday lives such as through watching movies and TV shows, listening to music and reading novels or comics. Content has penetrated into every aspect of our lives and even influenced our core values.

Therefore, we always deserve to consume “better” content.

With the development of technology and the Internet, gateways for content consumption have been concentrated to a handful of content consuming “platforms”. As more capital flowed into the platforms, creators of the content (also known as “content providers”) and consumers had no choice but to depend heavily on the platforms. This made the content providers to lose direct relationship and interaction with their consumers. All the valuable “data” accumulated on the platforms are not being shared with the content providers, making it more difficult to find what the consumers “really” want and how the content providers can produce “better” content in the future.

Recently, some platforms have started to use the “data” for themselves to produce their own original content. Moreover, even if the platforms were willing to share some of their data with content providers, there is always a big “trust issue” between the two parties, because the platforms can manipulate the data for their own profit or other malicious purposes.

Due to these issues, some of the content providers have already started to pull their content off from the platforms and they are now trying to create their own platforms.

On another note, consumers have made considerable contribution to the growth of the platforms and the industry’s ecosystem by creating such valuable “data” on the platforms. However, since the consumers have never been compensated for their contribution, they are losing more motivation to make such contribution, such as leaving reviews and discovering new content.

We all love content. We always have and we always will. Therefore, we deserve to consume “better” content. However, the current system is making it more difficult for the content providers to create better content and preventing the consumers from their “active” consumption behaviors.

Contents Protocol was born to address and solve this problem in the content ecosystem.

Through Contents Protocol, we will create an ecosystem where “data” brings new value to the content providers and consumers.

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