WHEN Token Whitepaper

WhenHub proposes to build a mobile app for connecting consumers to experts of all kinds via two-way video streams, text, audio, or in person. The app will be part of a larger service ecosystem called the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN) (Patent Pending).

The service will use dAPPS (distributed apps) running on the Ethereum blockchain to create secure micro-contracts – that can be as short as 15 minutes – as well as to provide frictionless billing and payment service.

At the end of each micro-contract, payment in the form of WHEN Tokens will be automatically transferred to the expert. No paperwork or billing is involved.Users buy WHEN Tokens using a credit card or with Bitcoins at an online exchange via the WhenHub Interface app. The tokens are used within the app to pay experts for their time.

For privacy, your phone number and address are not shared with experts. Our partners will provide verification services on participating experts to give consumers confidence. No international billing and currency issues when WHEN Tokens are involved. Pricing for experts can be fixed or auction-based.In the gig economy, think of this product as a “long tail” market for expert advice. Experts of all kinds can display their availability whenever they like, for as short a window as 15 minutes.

The WhenHub Interface app will use the existing commercial WhenHub API for scheduling and geofencing features.WhenSense is our proposed technology for allowing third-party sites to host ads about our participating experts’ availability and share in the income from completed contracts. Site owners paste our HTML code into their site to participate.

The WhenHub Interface Network uses blockchain-based smart contract technology to connect buyers with sellers for ad hoc transactional meetings, maximizing seller monetization potential, and addressing buyer needs on-demand.55 million Amercians are freelancingThat’s 35% of the US workforce.

WHEN Tokens are not an investment vehicle, but because they will be artificially limited in quantity, their value is expected to fluctuate based on customer demand for the WhenHub Interface app.

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WHEN Token Whitepaper