Airline & Life Networking Token Whitepaper

The aviation tourism industry is a vast supply chain and service consumer market. According to the statistics from World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the production value of international travel industry has amounted to USD1.26 trillion, and it is estimated to reach USD2 trillion in 2030. Among which, the percentage of global tourism income attributable to Asia and Pacific-Asia market has increased from 8.2% in 1980 to 21.7% in 2010, and it is expected to achieve 29.5% in 2030 with the production value of USD600 million. The Asia and Pacific-Asia market thus becoming the fastest expanding region for global tourism consumption growth.

Members of Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited (hereinafter, the “Development Team”) has been deep plowing the international travel industry in Asia for years and is well-aware of the trend and business model of aviation tourism industry in Asia region. The Development Team realized that the significant production value of aviation tourism industry in the future must rely on the increase in commodities and service quality of overall travel industry.

Therefore, regarding the supply chain pain spot of aviation industry, the risks and commodities of tourists in the consumer market and the difficulties on service transactions, it is fully committed to the creation of blockchain application for aviation tourism and the cryptocurrency Airline and Life Networking Token (hereinafter, “ALLN”) by the application of blockchain technology. It obtained an immediate collaboration with Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation (hereinafter, “FAT”, established for 61 years and possessed extensive experience working at Asia and Mainland China waypoints), to establish a network of ecosystem in consumer application area by ALLN issuing, and improve the aviation services provided by FAT within the Asia region market of the highest potential development (especially the cities in the China), and further planned on the increase and expansion of aviation density in different areas.

Also, with FAT accepting ALLN currency for flight booking and in-flight shopping, it establishes the application and liquidity of ALLN in the physical consumer market for aviation tourism among international waypoints, and further extended to other development partners, including tourist agencies, tourist hotels, and clubhouses as well the usages in areas such as tourism real estate, public consumption and retail industry.

With multi-application scenarios, ALLN will redefine the application and use rules of cryptocurrency in the physical consumer market to grant cryptocurrency the unlimited
possibilities for application realization. By involving more commodities of various consumption behavior or service providers, ALLN will carry out its planning and design for the “Parent Chain of the Consumer Application” from 2018 to 2019.

In the future, all the strategic partners will be able to connect their blockchain scenario to such Parent Chain; therefore, it is expected that ALLN will have a room for geometrical value growth.On the other hand, ALLN Development Team focuses on the end application of cryptocurrency, that is, consumer experiences.

Therefore, increasing the efficiency of consumer transaction and the convenience shall be one of the crucial issues regarding such application. ALLN Development Team will establish an “Application Platform Exchange” to provide the function that rapidly connects consumers, merchants, cryptocurrency exchange to carry out the transaction settlements. According to the turnover of USD600 billion from the Asia tourism market, if the Application Platform Exchange is accounted for 10% of the transaction value thereof, its value would amount to USD60 billion, which shall be on par with the credit card settlement service providers. “Make ALLN as VISA & MasterCard in Cryptocurrency” may have a substantial value-added potential of a dozen of times.

The issuing party wishes to improve the implementation of all kinds of consumption functions in the consumer market of aviation tourism industry with a value amounting to USD1.2 trillion through expanding the consumer application and services of ALLN, thus achieving the consumer and general application of ALLN. This ICO project aims at putting in place the cryptocurrency from the concept of “virtual” currency to a physical consumer application.

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Airline & Life Networking Token Whitepaper