WebDollar Whitepaper

WebDollar (WEBD) is a Browser-based Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency that aims to significantly increase the worldwide adoption of decentralized currencies. WebDollar offers the possibility to send and receive payments online on any Browser, directly from one party to another, without going through a financial institution, while the confirmations of these transactions are secure on the blockchain without passing them through potential vulnerable channels like a Web Server or RPC intermediary as in BTC.

Cryptocurrencies have been very technical, requiring the installation of specific terminal applications for running nodes and mining, downloading the entire blockchain before starting to mine, and dedicated wallet software. To solve the worldwide adoption challenge, WebDollar focuses on three core advantages:

1. Simplicity – offering an intuitive and non-technical user experience, addressing more than just IT-savvy crypto-enthusiasts, but also the common citizens.

2. Lightness – WebDollar introduces a trustless light node of the blockchain for mining and verifying transactions without requiring to download the entire blockchain history from Genesis, but only the hardest proofs and blocks that distinguish attackers to honest nodes (miners) who keep the correct blockchain. This breakthrough light version of the Blockchain is called Non-Interactive Proofs of Proofs of Work (NiPoPoW) and was proposed by some researchers.

3. Ease of integration with the Web – Integrating electronic crypto payments represent a difficult challenge for web developers because at the moment Web Applications have to communicate with an internet protocol that is not native to the browser or the HTTP layer. Most web and mobile apps validate transactions by communicating with an intermediary Web Server (REST) that runs a full node and communicates blockchain results through JSON RPC or WebSockets opening the apps to new security risks. A Browser (WEB) Peer-to-Peer solution would simplify the usage of the entire cryptocurrency system because everything (Wallets, Blockchain, Transactions, Payments, API) are handled in Javascript trustless running in every browser, node.js, and OS. As such, every browser in the world can i) Run and connect as a Light node to the entire WebDollar blockchain network trustless in seconds ii) Mine instantly iii) Open Referral Pools iv) Store Digital Wallets in browser iv) Send and confirm payments.


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