EnterCoin Whitepaper

The digital payment space is evolving and reshaping right in front of us. The popularity of the Blockchain, distributed public ledger technologies and Smart Contracts has opened a world of new ideas, especially disruptions to traditional payment methods. However, the effects of it all have been even more widereaching than we imagined. What if, we use this emerging technology with the corroboration of cryptocurrencies to resolve problems or improve certain processes that we can identify right now? It doesn’t need to be as far-reaching to resolve global issues as yet, but it can certainly provide solutions to support and improve the lives in our local communities at present.

Bitstine is a financial technology company that is providing alternative digital payment solutions. Our market is not only for the banked, but also for those who are unbanked, under-banked or have limited options to be part of the financial system. At the heart of our operation is innovation to establish financial inclusion of the unbanked, establishing a profitable business model with a vigorous focus on benefiting communities whilst reducing the ever-increasing demand on the world’s limited resources.

We will create EnterCoin as a digital token based on Ethereum (ETH), a cryptocurrency with the second largest market cap (second to Bitcoin), but based on more mature technology, which exempts it from the throughput challenges that hound the Bitcoin (BTC) network, driving transaction cost ever upwards.

Our business model is based on:

I. Payment solution for the banked and unbanked;
II. Monetising Smart Contracts to execute contractual obligations;
III. Implementing an active market dampening strategy using our environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining facility.

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EnterCoin Whitepaper