VegaWallet Token Whitepaper

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are in their infancy stages and promise to reshape the way finances are
spent and transferred globally. The invention and implementation of new processes, services and products
will bring these ideas mainstream and will eventually replace money as we know it today. Although buying
and exchanging cryptocurrency for personal spending and asset trading is becoming easier it is still in need
of several significant improvements.

Exchange Problems – Services that offer the purchase of cryptocurrency tend to have extended wait
times for new member activations, even longer wait times for an exchange, unheard of fees, and numerous
security issues. Among these services there is a need for greater security implementation to protect users.
Applications -There are limited ways in which customers can spend their crypto assets in real-world
applications. Most cryptocurrencies tend to sit in exchanges waiting to be extracted back to fiat currency
once again, which in turn incurs more fees. Until now very little has been done to ensure the average person
can take advantage of the opportunity.

The VegaWallet platform provides a complete solution. The project comes in several phases with answers to
each problem mapped out along the way.

VegaWallet Platform – Our Wallet, Exchange and VegaPay provide a complete and secure solution to
streamline a customer’s crypto journey. No other company offers a solution to identified problems as thorough and all encompassing as VegaWallet does. VegaWallet integrates the latest security technology and
focuses on maintaining a clean user interface.

VegaPay and Point of Sale – An advanced payment gateway for paying with crypto anywhere and anytime,
even at places or websites that do not yet accept cryptocurrency. This will be further supported by a Point
of Sale Systems which will allow every business from small mom and pop shops to huge internet retailers to
incorporate the use of cryptocurrency without any significant fees. Customers of these shops will even be
able to buy cryptocurrency at check-out with traditoinal payment methods.

VGW Token (Based on ERC-20) – Our native VegaWallet Token allows for lower fees and faster transfer
times. This technology combined with our advanced platform will allow effortless
movement of cryptocurrency for customers to maximize opportunities and profit. The VGW token will also
be the backbone of our Loyalty and Rewards Program and Point of Sale System.

VegaWallet Token Whitepaper
VegaWallet Token Whitepaper