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The Problem
Individuals are losing trust in the media at a more rapid rate now more than ever. Nearly70% of people believe that news stories are being planted by oppositional parties, according to Statista. Perhaps even worse, Statista also pointed out that more than 20% of people selected that they “never” trust
online news sources, and an additional 20% expressed that they “rarely” trust online news sources.

With the level of consumer skepticism toward the media, how can a relationship of trust develop between a reader and a news outlet? It is impossible to know which news stories are authentic and which stories are being fabricated to meet a hidden agenda. A recent survey reported that only 43% of males and 45% of females believed they could accurately distinguish fake news from real news.

Fake news is problematic because it can lead to the loss of finances, especially with digital currency. News and information in the digital currency space needs to be cleaned up so that the industry as a whole can become more trustworthy and gain higher valuation.

The Currency Analytics (TCAT) is on a mission to eradicate fake news about digital currency. We are reporting REAL News™ to provide a trustworthy news source to the investor.

What is The Currency Analytics (TCAT)?
TCAT is a Google-verified media platform and community comprised exclusively of the latest stories from professional writers that value ethical, authentic journalism. We believe that good journalism comes from good journalists. The digital media outlets of today allow payments for stories or publish authors that are agents for businesses. Agents supplant stories with a hidden agenda other than to write real news. The TCAT media ecosystem is raising funds to build the first ethical news platform for digital currency information. Platform participants will be granted access to the circulation of the most current cryptocurrency information available.

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The Currency Analytics Whitepaper