USCCoin Whitepaper

USC is an encrypted digital currency that is stable, readily convertible and secured by the
United States dollar. It has been created and is being used as one of the most advanced and
sophisticated payment instruments available. Blockchain is an application for distributed data
storage, through point-to-point transmission, a consensus mechanism and an encryption algorithm, that achieves consensus among participants without any third parties involved, enabling reliable
transmission of trust and value at extremely low costs. While cryptocurrency is a media that
transmits value in the blockchain, payment serves as the area where blockchain is most likely to
produce real value. The price fluctuation of encrypting digital currency is a problem for applying
blockchain payment to reality. By referring to the linked exchange rate system in Hong Kong, and
legal tender as a reserve, the cryptocurrency is issued on the blockchain in accordance with fixed
proportions, while a payment gateway of exchange between legal tender and cryptocurrency is
provided for all users, thus ensuring price stability of the cryptocurrency, and reducing price
volatility caused by speculation.


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USDCoin Whitepaper