Stronghold Token Whitepaper

Trusted Financial Technology
Stronghold is a financial services platform that enables payments, trading, and USD reserves using our technology products like Stronghold USD and our platform APIs.

Stronghold USD
Stronghold USD is a one-to-one asset-backed U.S. dollar token on distributed ledger technologies. For the first time, customers can use one platform to instantly accept and settle payments in USD and easily access foreign exchanges via a lightning-fast global network.

Stronghold Platform APIs
The Stronghold Platform API will allow users to accept and make payments, trade, create wallets, etc using Stronghold USD. This powers any developer who wants to integrate with Stronghold USD and/or create wallets and transactions.

Why Stronghold USD?
– A stable, liquid USD token
– Fully KYC/AML compliant
– 100% backed by cash deposits

Stronghold USD use cases
– Payments
– Trading
– Foreign Exchange
– USD Reserves

How secure is it?
– All assets are federally insured
– Third-party audited
– Deposits held by SEC Qualified Custodian

Stronghold Token Whitepaper