Stellar Classic Whitepaper

Stellar Classic unlocks potentials in information technologies and blockchain solutions for financing and investment. We present an easily-navigable marketplace that supports new classes of real-world assets, notably exotic assets and product futures, much of which have been illiquid and/or indivisible. Our unique auction method together with our innovative adoption of distributed ledger technology empowers fundraisers and investors with efficiency and robustness hitherto unseen.

Currently, inefficient processes, unnecessary restrictions, and misaligned interests plague financing and investment. Access–cost–flexibility and access–returns–stability are two notable sets of tradeoffs where existing alternatives continually disappoint fundraisers and investors. Combining marketplace format, auction method, and exchange support, Stellar Classic offers transformational combinations of high access, low cost, high flexibility, and high liquidity to new asset classes that can quickly grow into a trillion-dollar market. We identify openness, easy navigation, efficiency, and robustness as our unique selling propositions.

To build a symbiotic relationship between the Stellar Classic team and our user community, we introduce the Stellar Classic token. With such functions as Discount, Referral Award, Staking, and Fundraising Bonus and the feature of Token Burn, the Stellar Classic token delivers meaningful and tangible value to our user community, drives active use, promotes organic growth, and supports continued adoption.

In this Token White Paper, we begin by identifying the pain points that we address and present our solution.

Then, we review the competitive landscape and size the total addressable market. Details of the Stellar Classic token, including its features and issuance schedule, follow. We also discuss how we will be using the proceeds from our token sale and deduce the utility value of the token. Towards the end, we delve into a couple of specific features of our business and offer three high-level examples. Our timeline concludes this paper.


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Stellar Classic Whitepaper