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The ASIAN DRAGON the People’s Wealth Solutions

Our target of distribution Asian Dragon is in ASIA, as Asia is the Earth’s largest and most populous continent, there are still many people not having enough equal opportunities or familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Nonetheless, we very much welcome the rest of the world population to be involve in the ASIAN DRAGON movement so that it can be circulated widely and enhance the realization of this entire programme.

We are NOT seeking for any kind of public funds to develop something as we believe strongly it should be invested directly and/or privately by the person(s) who initiate this movement as it was from a vision moving forward. Thus, we have our own technology development team with vast experience in Smart Payment Technology ready and capable to develop any user-friendly application that allow the ASIAN DRAGON to be exchangeable, tradeable and used widely.

We will be focusing in getting the value of ASIAN DRAGON to reach the equivalence or more of each Asian countries’ currency values in the next 5 years. By 2024, which coincident to be The Year of the Dragon, we hope the value will be in par with every individual Asian Countries currency value 1:1. With this value achieved, we hope people in Asia can use the ASIAN DRAGON as alternative means of payment denomination to purchase items they need for household items which we have plan to integrate Blockchain with our existing solutions across Asia in 2024.

ASIAN DRAGON is a Coin of Wealth, we will not try to implement something major that we cannot produce, nor we do not want to promise something that we cannot give. Thus, The ASIAN DRAGON with a singular initial agenda as the Coin of Wealth movement that can be achieve progressively. The tools and utilities will be introduced later in due time. We are not in hurry as we still have 5 years before the Year of the Dragon. We will not “Pump” or “Dump” or “Burn” in any shape or form to make the value goes up, we will let the “Exchanges” and “Investors” to do it part in assisting to grow the value of ASIAN DRAGON.

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