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Company Overview and its Mission
Established in early 2017 in Germany, Stakinglab launched with the objective to offer a comprehensive platform to investors and project owners for proof of stake (PoS) coins, masternode coins, and other relevant services. Stakinglab hosts the best masternode and staking coins based on thorough analysis.

In less than two years’ time, the company has grown from a 3-member staff to a 15-member team –serving more than 10k active investors in a community of 20k users. Our team of experts identifies and evaluate potential new projects before it is made available for the wider audience to help the community take advantage of these opportunities.

Our company’s mission is to create a user-friendly digital platform where we offer advisory and PoS services for novice and competent investors in the field of cryptocurrency. Additionally, our product portfolio includes masternode services for individuals or groups of investors.

A masternode is a cryptocurrency full node: a computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time, just like BTC nodes which are always up and running. In contrast to normal nodes, masternodes embed several unique features that include: privacy during transactions, participation in governance, voting, and allowing budgeting and treasury systems in cryptocurrencies.

Stakinglab’s long-term objective is to create a cryptocurrency market that serves as a digital marketplace for currency exchange that also enables investors to obtain extensive information about up-to-the-minute updates on new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and other current trends relating to this field.

Our Platfrom
Stakinglab offers a secured (fully compliant with Google 2FA Security) online platform for subscribing to a shared masternodes and staking pools. Stakinglab enables entrepreneurs to list their coins on our platform that serves more than 10k community members and at the same time, Stakinglab strives to bring firsthand benefits to its members in terms of special pricing, rewards etc. As an investor, you will get robust information that can play an enormous role in making the right decisions about your investment in any of the listed coins on our platform. Our client-centered support plays a vital role, and our 15 qualified team members are always there to assist you with your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Currently, we are supporting over 100 coins after careful assessment against exhaustive parameters by our expert analysts to ensure client interest is always intact. You can find a consolidated list of coins and masternodes on our landing page. Additionally, there are over 100 instant nodes, over 1000 masternodes, and 30 staking pools offering various benefits to our community members. Our
automatic rewards payment system ensures daily reward payouts for instant nodes and twice a week for masternode coins.

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