eXPerience Chain Whitepaper

The eXPerience Chain Project is an open source project aiming at a society that enables people to gain new experiences by connecting people in the real world using cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency “eXPerience Chain (XPC)” will be the currency to create the foundation for it.

In order for cryptocurrencies to be accepted by society in the future, it will be necessary to create a special user experience and some added value that can only be provided from cryptocurrencies. XPC-Project thinks that it should be fun to use cryptocurrency, and it aims the experience gained by using cryptocurrency to lead people’s life long asset.

For example, there is a function called “Rain” which distributes cryptocurrency to an unspecified number of people on Discord. When Rain occurs, excitement and grateful energy overflows on Discord. Some people may simply collect rain, while others may get influenced and become the one to provide Rain, and some people have become popular by making a huge Rain. This is just a example of how a simple function like Rain can be a great opportunity to create a connection with people, become people’s experience and their life assets. XPC-Project wants more people in the world to discover and feel these “enjoyments to use”. XPC-Project will start with two lines of development, service development and currency development.

GeoLink is a communication application using location information. Users can create “Rain clouds” of XPC in arbitrary places and distribute XPC (Rain) to XPC users around “Rain clouds”. This event-rich feature has the role of connecting XPC with people offline.

It is a Total Web service operated by XPC-Project. By using Web Wallet with payment function and stake function, payment in real stores, services provided by affiliated companies and supporting activities in between individual users can be done. XPCheck mainly has the role of connecting XPC with people online. As an open source project, XPC-Project will build an environment where everyone can freely participate in development in order to receive rewards based on technology and ideas everyone has gained from experience. XPC-Project users would like to receive better service, developers would like to obtain more rewards. XPC-Project develops functions that support both users and developers achieve these goals. XPC team believes these functions will move XPC-Project in a better direction

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