Sessia Whitepaper

Sessia’s concept
The current crypto revolution greatly simplifies contact between businesses and clients. Decentralization, along with the use of digital coins and smart contracts, opens up new opportunities for advertising campaigns and produces better outcomes than conventional promotional methods.

Sessia is a unique software solution for iOS and Android which helps businesses establish direct contact with their clients using the major advantages of blockchain technology.

Our number one objective is to remove all intermediaries between companies and customers, including marketing agencies and social networks, regardless of their location or origin. We offer brands a revolutionary new approach to advertising, which they can use to work directly with their clients, spend their advertising budgets on them and reward them with cryptocurrency cashbacks anywhere in the world.

Sessia has managed to combine a marketplace with a social network, enabling people to independently choose goods and services based on their friends’ recommendations. Businesses get a great opportunity to distribute their marketing budget among clients who can actually bring new customers, rather than pay for the services of third-party advertising agencies.

In Sessia, customers are rewarded not only for purchasing goods and services in the app, but also for their recommendations, which are automatically published in our Feed after the transaction. Friends place orders in the same companies or stores. Sessia is a social marketplace. In our ecosystem, companies, brands, and stores can develop and utilize effective marketing tools to encourage customer activity and loyalty.

Kicks – Sessia tokens
To make our services available anywhere in the world, we issue tokens, aka kicks. They offer the fastest and most economical way to award cashback. Please note that they are not just another cryptoasset, but a valuable means of settlement exchange among all Sessia participants. By simply developing our social marketplace, we can drastically ramp up the intensity of digital coin use in the real economy.

Kicks will become the key digital currency for paying out bonuses and purchasing goods in the huge retail market. The demand for kicks and, consquently, their liquidity and price, depends on the number of services, brands, and clients.

For this reason, we require a large budget to enter each country so we can rapidly create a sales force and a business support service there, as well as organize various Sessia promotions for both companies and their clients. Sessia is structured around a ready-made market and a CRM platform specially developed for large retail companies. The founder of this business has already invested $5 million in it.

Token sales started on May 16, 2018, and their volume is strictly limited to 100 million (which is the equivalent of $150 million).

We’ve launched a lucrative promotion in May-September 2018, providing considerable discounts for the purchase of kicks. $3 million were collected from 2,200 private investors at $0.7 per 1 kick. On March 18, 2019 we’ve launched a new kicks sale promotion.It will last until July 2019. The price has been set higher, at $1.5 per 1 kick, since the app has now come out of beta-testing and has acquired lots of new functions. Kicks will be available for use starting on the first day of sale.

We’re convinced that Sessia will play a major role in the development of cryptoassets and bring them closer to traditional markets. Unlike many emerging digital coins, our kicks are true utility tokens. Not only do they allow users to award cashbacks anywhere in the world, they also let you pay for Sessia purchases, 7 Concept

Sessia’s advantages for users
* Brands get an easy and extremely convenient mobile solution to create an online store with a built-in crypto cashback system. Offline shops can use cashbacks to increase their customer base, attract new types of customers and drastically cut down on marketing costs.
* Customers get a resource where they are free to purchase goods with cashback, receive kickbacks (% of their friends’ purchases made by their recommendations) and read their friends’ trustworthy product reviews.
– Kickers (people distributing Sessia) obtain additional awards in kicks for engaging new brands and clients to work with Sessia.

We strictly adhere to principles of transparency, integrity, effective management, and we are committed to developing Sessia and increasing the capitalization of kicks.


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